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We still have reasons as to why SDS NETWORK is the best

Parental Organization:


Our esteemed parental organization INFOSERVICES Exclusive to IBM GLOBAL SERVICES, established with the sole purpose of rendering

quality customer services equipped with hardcore Technocrats from IT industry. It has presence in the entire state of  Tamil nadu,  Karnataka,  Andra Pradesh,  Kerela,

SDS Networks handshaking with their dedicated technical  scenario, by provide 24*7 customer service. On service deliveries on

warrenty / Amc and meeting the high standards and reputation

Built over years.

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  Cost Effective Solutions
  Prompt Material Delivery
  Execution of projects in stipulated time frame
  Maintaining Quality in all aspects
  Post Installation Support
  Technical guidance
  Customer Satisfaction
  Access to Diversified Customer base
SDS NETWORK has an interesting product suite that are sourced from the best of vendors. This always ensures a Quality product that enhances operational efficiency. The following is a clear specification of the components involved and their respective vendors.
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